ALMEX TICKET MACHINES ALMEX TICKET MACHINES Almex U.K . Originaly a Swedish Company Almex was British owned for a while and now owned by the Metric Group. 56064248 Almex A Best selling mechanical ticket machine of all time. AB Almex was established in 1946 as a manufacturer of ticket machines in Sweden.The Almex A was a very advanced ticket machine for it's time when introduced in the late 1940s , nearly a million "A"s built,and around 25000 still in service around the world today (2009) . Production ceased in 1988. 41334397 Almex A long range(£99.99p) Crosville . The Almex A could record sales data twice ,once on the clocks of the machine and secondly it was printed on the Audit roll inside the machine for later inspection.The Almex A had its first export success to Scandinavia with nearly 90% of all Scandinavian service buses being equipped with the Almex A. 41334398 56050420 Almex A . A very successful machine in the U.K . 41334406 Almex A1 (Europe) These machines machines had a smaller ticket roll dispenserThis example is German. 41334402 Almex A1 A disadvantage with this type of Almex a is more frequent ticket roll changes. 41334403 Almex P.D.R The Almex P.D.R was the first machine in which the sales data could be downloaded electronically by using a tape cassette stored in the rear of the P.D.R and later this could be placed in to a reader. For the first time detailed ticket sales data could be stored and processed without the need for hundreds of rolls of paper . 41334399 German P.D.R machine (Passenger Data Recorder) Approx 8000 P.D.R ticket machines were sold worldwide a very small amount when compared to the Almex A, due to the mechanical ticket machine being replaced by E.T.Ms around Europe. 41655226 German P.D.R Almex P.D.R at work . 41655227 Almex M The most innovative Almex product at this time was probably the Almex M, a precursor of the modern magnetic card and smart card systems. The system in brief: The passenger purchased a ticket of 1 to 12 journeys at departure the card was placed in the M model which then devalued the card for that journey by clipping a small piece of the card ,Information about boarding stage ,date, and time was also stored on the card. More than 50,000 sold and a estimated 2000 still in service around the world. 2009 41334404 Almex TimTronic The TimTronic was developed by a Dutch company and T.I.M was licenced to produce the machines.The TimTronic was the first mass produced Electronic ticket machine that stored data electronically,and won a large part of the European market, also popular in the U.K with many bus operators ,the first to fully convert being the Oxford Bus Co in 1979 .Crosville and Southdown being amongst other users.the N.B.C saw this as the prefered E.T.M at that time,but suffered from ticket jams from the mechanical printer. Latterly badged as a Almex when in 1984 A.T.E (Almex) purchased Ticket Equipment Ltd (T.I.M ) .Technology from these machines was later used in the Almex Magnet ticket machine Many thanks to Transport-ticket (T.M.W Member) for assistance in the research of these machines. 43944880 89465887 Almex E U.S.A This Almex E is linked to the farebox and is at work in sunny California. Over 10,000 Almex E ticket machines were exported to the U.S.A . 42078811 Almex A Alpha code. LONDON TRANSPORT was the largest user of these machines and purchased 17000 units. 41334400 Manual Conductors Almex E This picture shows a Conductors machine attached to the bracket and straps .Note the handle position just off centre and not at the side of the machine as with the emergency/manual handled O.M.O examples. Many thanks to Andrew Jeffreys for sending in this picture. 46302917 Almex E Conductors machines. LONDON TRANSPORT also used these machines with conductors on certain routes and were very popular with crews. 41334401 London Transport Almex E Machine with motor unit,the key visible in the picture is to lock the machine to the motor unit if the driver left the cab. 44777213 Melbourne Australia Almex E 89466524 Melbourne Almex E ticket 89466525 Almex Magnet. 41334405 41334407 Almex F single barrel. As documented on the home page,this is a hybrid Ultimate machine. 41334408 56064743 56064744 56776824 56776825 ALMEX MICROFARE Hand held electronic ticket machine. 56063865 95938565 ALMEX INSERT MACHINE Used by Caledonian ,a Scottish ferry, bus co. 109178683 ALMEX INSERT MACHINE 109178686 109178684 56776184 56776125 London Country Almex Machine No 1029, with operating instructions, fare table for route 305 High Wycombe to Uxbridge. Also two ticket books for returns / rovers and unpaid or excess. 144650162 Maidstone & District 0717 146212380 A2154 219956 I believe that the 'European small-roll' version is known as the 'A1'. There is no operator's number on the exterior, but it prints '0377'. The machine is shown open and the slot in the end-door (and bedplate) is for validating insert-type tickets. Maximum fare is £99.90 in 10p steps. The cliché plate is not original. This is the machine which introduced me to the interior of an Almex as it locked solid soon after I had bought it - a replacement handle-end end-plate cured the problem. The distorted end and other evidence seen strongly suggest that the machine had been dropped at some time in the past and the black operating lever may not be original. The ten 'class codes' are - A B D E F G H K L 151609134 Almex A-842 Almex A-842 (the Netherlands GTW/GSM) 153736694 TYP A 1491 NR 111356 Possibly the typical British short-range Almex. The fare range is 00 to 99p, and the class codes are S R C E P T D W X with the ½S blocked off and there is no meter for this inside - the related 'window' is painted over like the rest of the machine. Inside, but with the wires cut off, is a switch to operate a coin chute to direct the fare into a hopper when the machine was operated. It has the 'old type' ticket dispenser which means that a new roll has to be threaded through carefully. The front is stamped 366 and it prints 0366. It came with a simple conductor's carrying plate made from sheet metal. There is no facility for insert-type tickets. Needless to say, there is no cliché plate and the 'Greater Manchester' on the waybill is suspect although it may come from a company absorbed by them. 164399496 2001 213184 Operator No. 6552 A pretty common configuration, although I would appreciate some information about its origin. 164498627 2001 213184 The serial number. I have a suspicion that this machine may have been rebuilt at some time and suggestions would be welcome. 164498628 198025346 198025612 198025642 Almex E conductor plate 199376547 Almex E conductor plate 199376548