Prez's Collection. Prez's Collection. inspectors timer bought this as an inspectors timing device, dont know much about it ,any information would be welcome. It is a small hand held timer with a finger hole at the back. It has on/off on the top and two small key holes underneath. Some of the destinations on the roll are Kingston, Long ditton, Thames ditton, Esher, Westend, Cobham, Ripley Ockham, and others 115918078 115918079 French CAMP machine 116675213 International air show Almex 116675214 The Eastern National Omnibus Co Ltd Machine No E1471 116675215 Almex card insert machine 116675216 German Tim VHH 116675217 F. Lockey & Sons St Hellen's Auchland Machine No3 116675218 Reliance Coaches Machine No 7 116675219 Sefton Council Tim This was used for deck chairs on Southport beach 116675222 116675223 German Tim 116675224 Wigan Corporation Machine No 160. I also have No's 292, 299. One with Heinz 57 Ticket roll in. 116675225 Pre war Leigh Corporation Machine No L25 I also have No's, L89, L98, L119, L121. Post war. 21, 55, 64, 85. one with ticket roll advertising Gladys Lowe Lingerie/ Knitwear/skirts, etc. 116675227 116675228 Leigh Tim L89 116675229 116675232 London Gibson 100073019 City of Oxford MSL Machine No 175 116675233 Douglas Corporation Gibson 100077316 Argentina machine 116675435 116675436 German HHA Tim 116675437 German Almex Wuppertal 100074302 German Setright 116675440 Aberdeen CT 116675441 116675445 116675448 Willebrew 116675449 116675450 116675451 Barrow Corp Trans Machine No 107 116834201 Chesterfield Machine No 0089 116834202 Glasgow Corp 116834203 C I E, Ireland Machine No 1777 116834204 BC & N JCT 116834205 Wigan Corporation Machine No 160 116834206 Belfast 116834207 Unknown operator Operators name filed off, and diamond symbol etched next to shilling sign. 116834208 STD & SJOC Machine No 345 116834209 Blackburn CT 116834210 S T C D Machine No 242 116834211 Dutch 116834212 London Transport / L C C T Punch The Cancellor and back plate have London Transport stamped on them. The punch has L C C T stamped underneath. Punch number is A488 but there is also a faint number which may have been the original London county council tramway Number. 131004074 Railway Punch 116834214 London Punch & Cancellor you can see L C C T Stamped underneath the punch next to counter. 131004465 London Punch & Cancellor Cancellor number is P87 and punches a perforated P87 with a dot in the middle. 131005558 Bell Punch & printing Co Lim London 132562296 132562974 Bell Punch & printing Co Lim London Not sure where this punch was used, or very much about it. No K3424. with 5 reels of letters from A to T. I think this may have once had a cylinder underneath to collect the punched paper ? If this is so i would welcome any information about where i may get one, or any other information. Regards. 132563290 Ultimate 6 roll Bell Punch Not sure where this was used, it was bought in Liverpool but came with drivers & conductors rule book, fare / timetabes for Brighton Hove district omnibus Co and a cash bag with 2 coin holder. It has a punch and 4 clip holder on top. 132843445 London Country Almex This almex is No 1029, in the box is a fare table for route 305 High Wycombe to Uxbridge. Also two ticket books for returns and rovers & unpaid / excess fares London Country north West. 144648152 London Transport Ultimate A 6 barrel machine with tickets of Value 2p and one of 5d. two of the counter windows may have once been painted out.machine No is U950. 144648153 Ultimatic Automaticket machine This machine was used on Mersey ferries. Inside the back of the machine where the tickets are loaded is witten london transport so may it have once been used there ? 147723994 Ultimatic Automaticket 147723995 Crosville Setright Machine No C3026 147723996 Setright machine No 183, the ticket roll inside which is almost finished just has TRANSPORT SERVICE across the top and bottom. No serial number on the brass plate. 146088293 Leigh Corporation No 121 With origiinal ticket roll advertising Gladys Lowe clothing shop and Auxiliary conductors badge. In the box is a list of routes & fares. 146162132 Ultimate 5 barrel machine this was used on Mersey ferries. Machine no1749 147723998 Ribble Setright ? Machine No R760 147723999 Trollybus National fare register, No7 This machine was used in New Zealand,with blue bus.Although the advert says the new small & compact machine it weighs 36kgs. It has drivers individual key (109) and will not operate at all without it inserted in the top. the tickets issued go from station to station and keys range from 1d - 11d and 1 - 90 also other s say cash, return accepted, concession card, pass, scholars ticket, child half fare, parcel cash, parcel collect. 149901684 London Gibson Machine No 27368 147800612 149901685 149901686 149901687 149901689 149901690 149901691 Insert setright Machine No S86 149910688 6 Barrel ultimate Mersyside transport 149910689 Inspectors spare ticket roll box ? 149910690 149911984 150478740 Almex E Tyne & Wear N18 top row of codes are- a, A/B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, bottom row fares are- 5p 14p 20p 26p 32p 37p 45p 58p 70p 156236281 Setright Machine No 1285 MD serial No 48158. The MD looks like it has been added later, ticket roll is Perth & district Buses Ltd. 150475612 Single barrel Ultimate Mersey ferry 156236965 Halifax Corporation PTD tram fare box ? After coin / token has been inserted through the top the button at the rear is pressed to let the Coin/token drop the counter on the side goes up 1 unit. 156238721 156238895 156239019 Unknown machine A089 This prints a 3 didgit number when card in inserted through the top and goes up each time handle is pressed 156239710 156239841 156239942 NW Gas board Bury TIM Machine No 3, Issues COKE 1/4 - 1/2 - 1 CWT, MORTAR 1/2 - 1 CWT, TAR 1GAL, C'SOTE 1GAL, S'DRIES 1GAL Has lever next to roll holder to stop guillotine from cutting to allow multi issue. the lever has to be reset after each turn of the handle or guillotine will cut. 156922820 156922821 156922822 156922823 156922824 156922825 Conductors blackout lamp This i believe is a lamp used by conductors in a blackout during the war 159437482 In working order with red fillter 159437483 LUT No D239 159437484 LUT No D239 159437485 Russian TIM Main dial 10 to 90 and small left lever is Kopek the main lever 0 to 7 is Rouble, the ticket inside seems thicker than our tickets, and the two spring clips at the side of the roll holder makes it hard to use some ticket rolls apart from the ones with plastic centers. Some of the plate has been filled off and i will show another ticket once i have tried to ink it (black) 160933620 Russian Ticket The ticket should print more than can be seen even though a bit has been filed off and will hopefully show up better after inking 160931309 Russian TIM heavy brass mounting 160935066 Russian TIM Hinged plate, small wheel for turning the ink roller 160935067 Russian TIM plate, Machine No 6767, Date 1968 The plate roughly translated reads Ministry Instruments Instument making Work /plant Ivano Frankivsk Type ll year 1968 160935345 Haddon hall TIM machine No 1 Entrance ticket machine classes A B C D 166567815 Haddon hall 166567816 Southend pier deck chair TIM Machine No P5 166567817 6 Barrel Ultimate for some reason this has a slot and different style lever on the end barrel The first lever goes all the way down, the other four go halfway down and the end barrel with slot goes all the way. First and last windows indicate that they have issued several thousands more than the others 170947565 French insert machine Goteborgs sparvagar, machine No 342. The lever at the rear moves the slot on top to 6 diferent settings which prints what i think are the varrious stages. Dials on the the side are 1 to 9 the other has 1 2 then the letters A B C D H top window has been blanked out 170947566 French insert machine 170947567 6 Barrel Ultimate BCN No on box 350 BCN 170947568 WEST RIDING A Co LTD Tim Machine No B399 170947569 TIM specimen tickets This is a selection of correspondence between TIM and Lynton UDC Devon and is a request for car park machines TIm sent the council this selection of tickets and diagrams of how they suggest to set out the ticket / colour and which machine to use TIM 4 or TIM 8 which issues a duplicte ticket. Date are from Nov 53 to Apr 54 170948878 TIM Heading 170948879 TIM correspondence with Lynton UDC All about which machines, how many rolls and colour, cars 8d M/cycle 6d bus 6/- 170948880 City of Coventry 170948881 BRIXHAM UDC 170948882 WATFORD CORPN BATHS 170948883 MINISTRY OF CIVIL AVIATION 170948884 NABS CONFERENCE 170948885 B.P.A. LTD LLANELLY 170948886 VENTNOR UDC Deck chair 170948887 TRANS / OUT the TRANS OUT is printed upside down 170951620 WATFORD CORPN BATHS 170951621 CAMP Klein Massot Top slot has 6 settings 171013137 Inside car park ultimate Thanks again for above information, the end barrel has no reel to move tickets on so is for inserting a ticket, the wheel does indeed move in what seems 15min interval 00 15 30 45. All the print reels are numbers and roman numerals 171015651 Klein Massot Prints Thanks to Thomas Edmonson for all the information on this machineThese are the prints from the different setting using the arm at the rear 171013138 German change machine / draw Not sure what type of machine was actually used with this unit, i don't think it was the TIM that it came with. It also came with another pack of tickets (shown below) 171181806 German change unit The ten barrels are 8,- 4,- 3,- 1,- 150 50 30 15 10 5 171181807 German ticket These tickets also came with the above TIM / change unit also for V.H.H 171181811 Setright ferry Meadows car park 1 Nene park trust, also once used for boats? Machine No 1139 171181812 Setright ferry meadows car park 171181813 LIVERPOOL C P T TIM Machine No 365 1d to 1/- 171183229 Bellgraphic Norman Smith Norman Smith's services, Grantown-0n-spey, All the tickets are pre printed 5/- ski transport ticket, Ser No M18602 171428731 Norman Smith Bellgraphic With fitted back plate and strap 171428732 Norman Smith ticket 171428733 Scandinavian Setright 174637520 Bellgraphic Edwards Motors Joys green Lydbrook, Ser No M19331 171428734 Scandinavian setright Unusual setright with time dial from 1 - 23 and outer dial with 1/4 1/2 3/4. the outside lever moves from 45 / 35 then a spring loaded clip ( next to the billetpris) that allows the lever to be moved to the X. windows are 35 & 45 ore enheder. Machine No 002 but with no seriel No. it came with tickets in it for Scottish omnibus ltd ? 174637521 Edwards Motors Ticket 171428835 Scandinavian setright 174637522 Setright No A84 Serial No 38794. Cannot find this in the setright list but came with tickets for Merthyr Tydfil borough council transport dept 174637523 Barkers punch No5035 179082666 Southend deck chairs Machine No E 78 Fare dial has a few different amounts, 4d 5p 5p 10p (dynotape) dial underneath has 00 30 Day 174637524 Willebrew No 241 179082667 179082668 Tim No P212 This has had the operators name filed off so not sure where it was used, it seems to be a pre war type but has a large dial 179082669 Tim P212 179082670 Tim P212 PENCE, H'PENCE, SHILLINGS 179082671 Bellgraphic / Automacheckit M 22920 the tickets are Limited stop service with 6 different companys on the back, LUT, Northern General, North western road car,United automobile, Weat yorkshire road car, and Yorkshire wollen. Also has a hinged lid to cover the top. 179082672 City of Oxford MSL Pre war machine No 80. the range is 1/2d to 41/2d 186825962 Two different type of Willebrew 179082673 L.M.T Launceston Municipal tramways Tazmania machine No 5 range 1d to 1'6 186826296 Lowestoft Corps Trans Machine No 14 Range 1d to 61/2d 186826297 Burnley Colne & Nelson Ultimate 186826298 Jersey Motor Transport Rolly 186826299 Southend Setright Machine No 435, Serial No 9732 186826537 Setright No P547 Range 1 to 19 186827113 London Ultimate U950 This is machine No U950 but the box is U380 and the roll holder is U963 189093758 Willebrew Machine No7066 189326097 Insert Setright Machine No AEJ 189326098 BMMO Verometer Machine No 1646 189326481 Verometer In original BMMO box with spare ribbon 189326482 verometer Allso with original harness 189326483 Verometer Name plate 189326484 Setright Forgrt-not-travel Machine No C92 red dial face and prints in green ink 189326485 Forget-me-not travel Setright 189326486 Williamson side punch Machine No 2003, full working order with loud ding 189326661 London Almex PDR Machine No LTB 00557 Romford written on inside of box s d 200684320 Aberdare UD Council Machine No 554A 200684321 Skeleton ticket punch Made by EG MAGRATH. London N1 200684322 Skeleton punch 200684323 L U T Tim Machine No D174 200684816 Ultimatic car park machine Unlike my other car park machine this one has Ultimatic name plate not ultimate although they seem to be very much the same 200684817 Setright Keyspeed Machine No N515 200684818 Setright keyspeed rear 200684819 6 Barrell Ultimate possibly Burnley and pendle 200685296 Southend Setright Southend Machine No SO92 Serial No22566 200685297 Southend Setright Aslo with Timetabe (May 1973) waybill, Inspectors check list book, Request for exchange of duty form, Emergency substitute railway service waybill 200685298 Setright Silver Service Machine No 70W has tickets for yellow bus (Bournemouth) 200685358 Almex PDR Machine No 401 B&P JTC 200685360 Tim Bangor Borough Council Machine No M54 Deck chairs 200685361 Tim LHB parks dept Machine No 207 London borough Hackney. Clissold Park 200685362 Copy of receipt for Machine 207 200685363 Setright IAT Machine No R45 International air tattoo 200685365 Autobill (automacheckit) not sure what for or where this was used. ticket for Dugg and Russell 200685366 Pre war Tim City of Oxford ML machine No 80 200685543 Tim City of Oxford MSL Machine No 175 200685544 200685367 Tim Blackpool Transport Machine No 1955 200685646 Setright Edinburgh Corps Trans Machine No 2396 Serial No 48267 tickets read Lothian region transport 200685647 Insert Setright Machine No PT14 serial No 13742 200685648 Belgraphic United Automobile services 200685649 Setright F.01 Fleetwood fish market Machine No F.01 counter windows read OILY WHITE ticket also prints oily or white. kits rec'd 200686552 Tim Sefton MDC Machine No 19 suntrap or deck chair hire 10 new pence contract hire 20 new pence deposit 200685650 Setright F01 Fleetwood fish market Also came with operating instructions, stamp and ink pad meter reading start / meter reading finish 200686553 Tim ACTD (Accrington) Machine No 200 with borough of Hyndburn waybill 200685651 TIM Lytham St Annes L1 Machine No L1 ticket prints L- ST ANNES - C-T-D 200974428 Lytham st Annes Machine with punch and tube of black ink. machine and box have had a hard working life and have had a few repairs. last ticket printed 1948 200974429 Lytham TIM Blackpool picture on front of machine 200974430